The Range Rover Sport brings an unrivalled performance standard to the Land Rover selection. The engine’s prowess coupled with incredible off-road ability make the Sport Land Rover’s most dynamic model yet.


The Sport is made to thrill, debuting supercharged engine options. It grips the road beautifully and hugs the asphalt around tight bends. Reaching speeds of up to 250 kph, its power packs a punch but you’ll never feel like this car will get away from you. Driving the Sport is an experience – silky smooth and whisper quiet, but nonetheless exciting.

The option of up to 7 seats means the whole family can enjoy cross-country adventures. Land Rover’s infotainment system will help keep restless kids occupied and the luxe interior means blissful comfort for everyone. Add in the amazing touch screen pro and options like the “head up” display; you’re left with an ergonomic, distraction-free environment to fully appreciate the empowerment of owning a Sport.

The dynamic and terrain response systems, stability regulators, torque vectoring, hill descent control and tow assist features allow impeccable handling on every terrain, and in any circumstance. The Sport offers absolute control, while supporting you with advanced driving aid technology. You can have peace of mind when it comes to the Sport’s safety and stability, even when traversing trickier obstacles – its confidence is simply infectious.


Take advantage of Land Rover’s 2017 model year runout and become a proud owner of the enviable Range Rover Sport. We can help turn your dream into a reality – call us today on 1300 69 02 88 to discuss your finance options!