The new year is the best time to review your business and make effective changes for the year ahead. Simplifying your business is the quickest way to increase profits and the productivity of your workforce! However, the simplifying and streamlining process is often overlooked due to a sense of comfort with current systems. Although extra effort will have to be invested into your business at the start of the year, the time you save by utilising these structural changes will be well worth it.


  1. Utilise New Technology

New technologies and software are constantly being developed to increase workplace efficiency. Many small business owners are unaware of the benefits available to them through technology upgrades.


Use a server. Instead of “daisy chaining” several computers together to share files or asking colleagues email across attachments, using an online server will increase the reliability of your business and allow your staff members to collaborate together easier. Keeping an organised server is like keeping an organised file cabinet. As long as the files are organised and formatted in a system, a server will undoubtedly increase efficiency.


VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is something that has been around for a while, but is just now becoming more accessible to small/medium sized companies. What VoIP does is transfer your telephone system onto your computer and the internet. VoIP call systems can be up to 40% cheaper than a small-office phone system. There are many handy things which can be done through VoIP systems, such as voicemails can now be handled just like computer attachments, which can be dragged, dropped, stored and sent.


  1. Get Your Business Online

81% of shoppers conduct online research before making big purchases. Making sure your business has a functional website is crucial in our current business environment. Online advertising is often a potential client’s first point of contact with your business. It’s important to be able to give the customer as much information as possible in an easily readable format. Fancy graphics and interactive menus are secondary to supplying crucial information to the potential customer. FAQ pages are a brilliant way to answer simple questions from customers and as such, increase confidence in your product or service. The best thing is, you don’t have to be a technology whizz to build a fantastic website. Online website builders such as or allow you to build professional websites and even set up small online stores for affordable prices.


  1. Pay now, not later

Instead of wasting time with paying bills, pay in advance. This is a very simple but beneficial change to your business processes. Paying a bill doesn’t take too long. But paying multiple bills every month consumes more time and effort than necessary. Instead of paying $20 a month, every month, for fixed expenses such as a telephone bill. Pay $120 for 6 months of service in advance and save a lot of time in the process.


  1. Merge Insurance

Understanding your business’ insurance policies is extremely important. However, this can be complicated. Especially when you have multiple insurance policies, from multiple insurance providers which are all due on different dates. Merging your insurance policies to one provider has clear advantages. You will not need to deal with renewals three to four times a year anymore. Also your insurance agent will have a greater understanding of what policies you have and as such, will most likely be able to set up package deals or at least eliminate any overlap between the policies you’re paying for.


  1. Schedule Better

Every employer knows the stresses of organising their staff into a roster. Applications for free time and restrictions to when your employees can work make rostering a nightmare. Use a software program to help your rostering. There are many programs which allow you track employee work hours, analyse future rosters for errors and notify you to special exceptions such as legal limitations and overtime calculations. These software programs start at around $100. Deputy and TimeClock Plus are well rated scheduling software providers.
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