Paddington Reservoir Gardens

With the holiday season coming up, it’s time to soak up the sun and make the most of your free time! Here are some ideas that’ll have you heading off the beaten track to discover some of Sydney’s hidden gems…


Paddington Reservoir Gardens

This heritage listed site is perfect spot for a tranquil picnic or stroll. With beautiful historic architecture, hanging gardens and water features, it ticks all the boxes and entry won’t cost you a penny! (Pictured above.)


Foundation Park, The Rocks

Rediscover Playfair Street in The Rocks and stumble upon Foundation Park! The remnants of old terraces make for an enchanting, hidden area that’s one of Sydney’s best kept secrets. While you’re there, check out the Gloucester Walk to see more of the historic area.


Wendy’s Secret Garden

View from Wendy’s Secret Garden

Wendy’s Secret garden in Lavender Bay is a hidden gem looking directly onto the harbor that’ll make you feel like you’ve stepped into your own secret oasis. Once an area ridden with litter, Wendy Whiteley worked on the garden in memory of her husband Brett. It’s now open for anyone to embrace the serenity.


Mortuary Station

Next to Central station, this non-operational station was built in 1868 to transport the dead to Rookwood cemetery. It’s history makes for an interesting and informative visit!


Sydney Tank Stream

Dating back to 1789, the Tank Stream was Sydney’s first major water supply following European settlement. Tours are available once a year, or alternatively you can follow the tank stream path above ground.


In Between Two Worlds, Kimber Lane

Kimber Lane after sundown

Stroll along Kimber Lane and see the patterned clouds and hanging figures of Jason Wing’s “In Between Two Worlds”. If you can, visit after the sun goes down and see the artwork illuminate the night!


To be free is to have no fear, Loftus Lane

 Stroll over to Loftus Lane and cop an eyeful of the Art and About’s City Walls series, “To be free is to have no fear” (Nadia Hernandez). This colourful mural is located behind Customs House.


The longest travellator in the Southern hemisphere

Located at the exit of the Domain carpark is the longest travellator in the Southern Hemisphere! Get carried away on its 207 metre length, and enjoy the local art murals decorating the walls and ceiling.


St James Tunnels

St James Tunnel Tours

At the start of the 20th century, the St James Tunnels were originally built under Hyde Park as part of an underground metro development which was later halted. They were later re-purposed as RAAF bunkers and eventually shut down and made mostly inaccessible. Tours are re-opened for small groups at select times of year and make for a mysterious venture!


Elizabeth Bay House

The Elizabeth Bay house gazes over the harbour in historic style. Visit the cellars, marvel at it’s regal architecture and stroll to the grotto on Onslow Ave for the perfect shaded spot to enjoy the views. At night there’s often events and the option for tours by candlelight for something a little different.


Pylon Lookout

Pylon Lookout

For unforgettable views of Sydney, head to Sydney Harbour Bridge’s south-east Pylon lookout and don’t forget to bring your camera!