Your business needs equipment to operate and create income. Often the size of the expense can become an obstacle, especially for smaller businesses. It is important to consider how to best utilise your capital when it comes to these expensive, yet integral investments. This is where equipment finance comes in to play!

Financing your next asset’s purchase might just be the best option for your business and here’s why…

Get your equipment and maintain cash flow too!

Utilising your capital…

Spending a large amount of your capital at once can pose a financial risk. This is because cash flow is an essential factor in maintaining your business’ financial health and stability.

Not all investments will generate the desired return straight away, so it is important to consider how you are utilising your capital in these situations.

Additionally, there are various tax deductions that can be claimed when you finance commercial assets, depending on the type of loan.

Expense planning…

Financing gives businesses set terms and consistency so you can plan expenses better and avoid disruptive budget fluctuations.

Here at Knightsbridge Financial Services we can help find a suitable financing solution for you to mitigate the risk of large investments into depreciating assets.


When it comes to equipment finance, you’ve got options!

What can you finance?

Equipment finance isn’t limited to things like cars and trucks – at Knightsbridge Financial Services we can finance everything from medical equipment, computers and printers, office fit outs, agricultural and construction machinery, the list goes on! Even used and private sales can be financed!


You can finance equipment through chattel mortgages, leasing or rental arrangements. When it comes to structuring your payments, there is plenty of flexibility. This means you can tailor the acquisition of your equipment in a way that perfectly suits your business and cash flow considerations.

Leasing and rental options offer the benefit of equipment use without the burdens of ownership, which is more suitable for some businesses. After all you make money from using equipment, not necessarily owning it.

Knightsbridge Financial services has access to a range of financiers as well. This means you aren’t restricted to the terms of a single financier, and can discuss a range of options with our team.


Stay competitive!

Having up-to-date equipment and technology is a crucial factor in staying competitive in many industries. Having outdated equipment can affect productivity, safety, employee satisfaction and potentially cost a lot to maintain.

Finance gives you the ability to access equipment they otherwise would not have had the upfront capital for. You can generate income from the asset while making repayments, as opposed to being unable to grow your business at advantageous times or update equipment when needed.

With options like trade ins, leasing with the choice to buy out at the end and so on, you can adapt your finance to how regularly the equipment requires an upgrade!



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